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Rhino Risk has extensive experience in providing training to clients and the wider Industry specifically in Basel II, and more generally in wider aspects of model development and validation approaches. Recent training courses that Rhino Risk have delivered are set out below:

  • Rhino Risk has supplied a 4 day training course in Basel II (model development methods, validation and mathematical theorems) to a credit scoring consultancy firm.
  • Rhino Risk trained the Czech banking community in Basel II model development and validation methods. The sets of two day courses were attended by over 70 model development analysts and credit risk managers from the major banks and lenders in the Czech Republic.

  • Rhino Risk partner with Infoline in the UK to deliver public training courses in the areas of model development and model validation methods. Each course is attended by around 40 credit professionals from UK and Europe.

  • Rhino Risk trained the Czech Central Bank (CCB) in Basel II model development and validation methods. The two day course was attended by 15 of the CCB credit model analysis teams and risk review teams.

  • Rhino Risk provided Basel II training at Senior Management and Board Level to a successful building society to support the waiver application for the IRB approach to credit risk.